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Mr Netani Druavesi

Greetings to all members in yet another beginning and hope all have started well in your schools and with your families for the new Year.


Only last month [March, 2017], FTA had gone through the last rituals and functions with Mr Gauna Bera Halofaki and his family, till he was laid to rest on Friday 3rd March, 2017.


Mr Halofaki was an epitome of our motto “ Service Before Self ” as he gave his all for services at FTA. We will remember his personal sacrifices in increasing our FTACTL membership to over 3,000 over the last 2 years.


We humbly thank Mrs Halofaki for bearing with our commitments, as it had also affected their family programs.


 In moving forward, we also promise all members that our services remain steadfast in its commitments to member servicing and will try to improve in all areas needed.


Last but not least let me remind you 2 things :

a. In these difficult financial times it is important for us members to rise above the difficulties; live within our means. Remember : Don’t go broke trying to look rich, act your wage.

b. In streamlining for better services, we are leaving operations to General Secretary and FTA HQ Team. They should be able to assist you in every way possible under the Constitution and By-laws of whatever FTA subsidiary, you need assistance from.


Looking forward to another successful year and stay blessed.



A team from FTA HQ visited members in Sigatoka and Malolo to educate members on FTA matters, 2014 FTA Election Education and FTA Thrift.

The team lead by Acting President Mr Gauna Halofaki accompanied by Returning Officer Mr Marka Uluinaceva and Driver Mr Pita Rawaibula, left FTA at 5.05pm Tues 29 July, 2014 and travelled along Queens Rd.

Read more: FTA VISIT Sigatoka & Namamanuca Primary School

The AQEP WASH Project will now merge with UNICEF from next month and members of the team have already started working on the next phase of the project. 

Mr Alekisio Sela is the new Team Leader for the project and he brings with him a lot of knowledge and experience which should ensure the success of the project. Mr Sela replaces Mrs Moci.   


It is with sadness that we inform the passing on of the following:

  • Mr Samisoni Kididromo,  Former relieving driver of FTA.
  • Mr Karakaua Morning     TPF 55545 Principal Rabi High
  • Mr Lima Koukou             TPF 56537 HT Tabiang
  • Mr Eroni Cakacaka,        Former President, RFTA
  • Mr Tevita Koroi Snr.       Former teacher and RFTA member 


The Principal Admin. Officer, Mr Leawere attended an EFA Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June where they discussed strategies that Teacher Unions need to follow in the “Unite for Quality Education” campaign.

Read more: PAO Attends UQE Meeting in Malaysia


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