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A team from FTA HQ visited members in Sigatoka and Malolo to educate members on FTA matters, 2014 FTA Election Education and FTA Thrift.

The team lead by Acting President Mr Gauna Halofaki accompanied by Returning Officer Mr Marka Uluinaceva and Driver Mr Pita Rawaibula, left FTA at 5.05pm Tues 29 July, 2014 and travelled along Queens Rd.

 They were warmly received at the residence of the PEO Sigatoka Mr Suliasi Vuli by 7.30pm and along with8 teachers followed by sevusevu and informal talks about the Association, Thrift and FTA Elections 14.

Later, the team were joined by Acting DSPS Saimoni Waibuta , PEO Lautoka Albert Wise, Divisional Central Mr Udre and Parmesh who finally departed for Lautoka around midnight.

The team was up early at 5.30am Wednesday morning and left Sigatoka at 6.30am but only after being hosted with an energising breakfast by Mr Vuli before heading towards Denarau, Nadi to board the Yasawa Fly for their next stop, Namamanuca Primary School, Yanuya in the Malolo Group.

At Yanuya, DSPS Waibuta and his team took the lead with the opening session whilst the FTA entourage rested at the Head Teacher’s quarters Mr Kitione Turagabeci before joining them at 12pm as the MoE team was scheduled to return by 3pm.

Later that evening members gathered at the Media Workshop for the one (1) hour FTA meeting scheduled to begin at 5.30pm. The meeting began with the warm welcome by President of Namamanuca FTA and host Mr Turagabeci before handing over to the team.

Mr Halofaki began by talking about the FTA Welfare Scheme including all benefits and other assistance on offer for all financial members to utilize.

Following this was the PowerPoint presentation by the Returning Officer Mr Uluinaceva on FTA Election 14 details with the use of Election flowcharts to clarify the election process and the introduction or option of online voting.

Furthermore, Mr Halofaki continued discussions on FTA Housing and Thrift in the way that only He does best and was enjoyed by members before ending the meeting at around 6.30pm.

More than 30 villagers joined in whilst the yaqona session continued over a general question and answer informal conversation which ended around midnight.

The villagers were happy to be part of the session and discussions but even more excited about the their achievements and opening of the new primary school solar system costing $70,000 by Mr Turnbull, the owner of Likuliku Resort.

Thursday morning, and once again it was time to prepare for departure from Namamanuca Primary School. After breakfast, the team headed for the Billeting area for the "bili-ni-mua" or final part of the traditional Fijian departure ceremony before boarding the boat for Denarau at 10.00am.

Safely arriving at Denarau around 11.51am, and well satisfied with the achievements of the School, Villagers and more importantly the Teachers’ contribution, it was time to say goodbye to the West and head back to Suva.

Once again, FTA wishes to thank all its members for their hard work in their respective fields and for their hospitality during our visit, with special mention to the Head Teacher Namamanuca Primary School Mr Kitione Turagabeci and His Staff and the PEO Sigatoka Mr Suliasi Vuli.

Vinaka Vakalevu

Mr Gauna Halofaki

Mr Marika Uluinaceva

Mr Pita Rawaibula

Interview on You Tube

Students appreciating THE SOLAR project and opening by Acting DSPS Mr Waibuta

Timoci Volavola Interview

Second student interview of Namamanuca

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