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A notice of secret ballot for strike has been filed with the Registrar of Trade Unions on Friday 14/02/14 and the date for the ballot would be 10/03/14 which is after 21 days. 

It would be held at FNU campuses from 7 am to 5 pm. There were altogether 14 issues for the strike which would be seriously looked at by FNU now that FTA had taken the first step to try and resolve them. 

Our FNU branch members were being asked to work with other unions so that they would all stand together during crunch time to ensure that any action taken get the desired impact on the institution.  

The first informal mediation was held on Wednesday, 26/02/14.

The FTA Credit Thrift Co-operative Limited had continued to slowly increase in membership as more members showed their interest and this was indeed a good sign for FTA’s newest subsidiary.

Now that the Board had been endorsed, they would be required to conduct the affairs of the FTACTCL and make relevant decisions to be further endorsed in the next AGM.

This was another step forward for FTA as we venture into new areas to try and maximize benefits for our members and maintain them as well.

Our AQEP team members had started the year with visits to their targeted schools and some of those that had been visited so far were as follows:

  • Vanuabalavu
  • Kabara
  • Komo
  • Namuka
  • Kia
  • Cikobia
  • Valebasoga
  • Qawa
  • Khamendra
  • Nasavusavu
  • Navivi
  • Bouma, and
  • Wainikeli.

Some schools in the West were also visited.

The Association would continue to give its full support towards the project as it was indeed a worthwhile contribution to the achievement of quality education.

The SPU continued to receive payments from schools in the central and Eastern Division when they came to visit.

The first visit to the West had been conducted and SPU collected from schools what was owed to them. More marketing and promotion, more sales would be made during the next few months as schools were still settling down in these first few months of the year.

The two teacher-unions and COPE were able to meet the Ministry of Education (MoE) on the advice of the Minister for Education to discuss a submission on the lowering of the teacher-pupil ratio in primary and secondary schools in Fiji. 

It was a fruitful discussion where the MoE proposals were presented and input from the unions and COPE were heard. 

FTA was assured that these would be incorporated in the final submission to Cabinet. If approved, it would mean an increase in the teaching establishment as well as membership. This was something that FTA had raised previously but it was good to be coming from MoE now.  


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